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At Richardines Cookies, we're dialing up the flavor for life's standout moments. It's not just about baking; it's about nurturing connections and spreading pure rich goodness. Each cookie is a pledge- a commitment to infusing some sweet vibes into shared experiences, embracing the comfort and sophistication of homemade goodness. Cherish the Sweetness!


- "I received my first Richardine cookies in July of 2017. I received them as a gift from a friend after my father passed. They bought me great comfort at a time when I really needed it. They’re not only delicious, but heartwarming and comforting as well. Each cookie is made with love, and it shows."
~Thursday Brown Rice

- "New experience, with a great taste" ~C. Zyon M.

- I often refer to Richardine’s Cookies as the “Million Dollar Cookie.” Every flavor is a delectable creation that transcends the realm of the ordinary cookie. The texture is a harmonious dance between crispy and melt-in-your-mouth. What sets this cookie apart is the exceptional quality of its ingredients; my favorite is mixed with toffee, pecans, and craisins. Every bite offers a deeper step into a sweet world. Try it! – Lawanne’ S. Grant

- Richardines cookies are amongst the most delightful desserts I have ever tasted! You can taste all of the rich, amazing ingredients blended in the most tasty way! Always fresh and packaged so professionally! Anytime someone asks about a fresh baked cookie suggestion, Richardines is always my first suggestion! They certainly remind you of the cookies that came from grandma‘s kitchen! You can taste the love and skills of the Baker in every bite!  - Kacie Nevels